Who is Kristin?

I want to start my little bloggy space by introducing myself. You might already know me from TikTok, Instagram or even YouTube. 

For those who haven't seen me in the wild on socials, hi! My name is Kristin and I'm a little obsessed with cloth diapers & cloth diaper adjacent items. I'm a natural minded mom... but consider myself both crunchy and evidence based. I find that often times evidence supports "crunchy" choices, but sometimes I go rogue anyway (like avoiding food dye). I'm a spiritual critter, I identify as pagan and love crystals. I am on and off studying runes and astrology, I have so much to learn but no time. We are a homeschooling family and I do my best to be a respectful/gentle/mindful mother. I'm also a photographer specialized in newborn photography. Photography really excites me, especially anything baby related. I love maternity and cake smash sessions too. I'm very multi passionate, I'm a manifesting generator but also it could be because I'm autistic.

I serve the cloth diaper community by creating educational and entertaining content, with a goal of advocacy and providing support. I also work with brands as a social media manager and content creator. I have also been a brand rep, ambassador, and affiliate for quite a few brands. (I'm also a serial giveaway winner) 

I try to be sustainable and make environmentally friendly decisions, but I do also test quite a few products so that consumers can make well informed buying choices. I've tried a ton of brands, and almost every system you can think of at this point. I've found many pros and cons of different cloth diaper types and materials over the last 4-5 years. 

I think my first rep position was with Kinder Cloth Diaper Co, then i joined the Earth & Pebble team back when they were still Canadian owned. I joined the Arcadia's Nursery rep team before the first round came in, which was hard to wait for because I was super excited for their unique design. Currently, I am their social media manager over on Instagram! I was part of the Dino diapers rep team for a term, and I stepped back when life got hectic but I am definitely still a fan and cheerleader for them! Right now I am a rep for Little Mount Cloth Co, their pockets are on the unique side and I really like the owner Kayla. I'm currently an Affiliate for Kinder, Happy BeeHinds, Nicki's Diapers, Diaper Dawgs, and the Blythe Life. I feel like it's important to lay out the material relationships that I've had with brands not just for the sake of transparency, but also because it is required by the FTC. I do my best to disclose these relationships, but along the way I'm sure I might disclose when it isn't necessary, or I might forget or overlook when a disclosure is needed. My thoughts and opinions aren't influenced by free diapers or by being contracted by a company, but it's your right to know if there has been an exchange whether that's a discount, free product, or monetary gain. 

If you've read this far, thank you, and I hope you'll keep coming back if you find my posts resonate with you.